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Content Marketing is a technique where various forms of contents are created (be it texts, images, videos, imfographics etc.) and used in order to attract more visitors and in the process, promote the brand itself. Content marketing plays a vital role in SEO as it is considered the most important factor for improving the visibility of a website. Well planned content marketing is must for long run planning.

Why Content Marketing is Important?

Content Marketing is all about creating engaging, entertaining, useful content for attracting new, existing customers in order to promote the brands/businesses. If you are planning for SEO then content marketing is a big factor. If your marketing strategy is not good then you will struggle to churn the results. We at RankerMarket, have professional marketing experts who do have great knowledge and understanding of various aspects of marketing and are equipped with great tools to manage the tasks.

What kind of content is good?

Content is important but let’s not forget, by content we only mean quality content. We have expert content writers, designers, editors who are experts in creating engaging content for our clients. What we try to do, is to create a sharable content which provides value to our visitors and hence they share it with their friends and online community hence the chances of the posts getting viral increases.

You should only try to create unique and interesting content in order to achieve your marketing goals. If someone try to create copied, low quality content or industry jargon then sooner or later, Google with their continues algorithm updates (like Panda, Penguine, Hummingbird etc.) will find your website and will punish you with lower ranking or penalties.

How We Plan Content Marketing?

We first analyze our client’s needs, their website, competitors, niche etc. and then we plan our marketing strategy. Below are some of our tried and trusted methods of content marketing:

  • Identify Purpose

This is where we start. First we identify what our goals are, what we want to achieve? Do we want to generate leads or more subscribers or promote brands or boost retention rates? This is where we analyze everything.

  • Set Priorities

Then we beak down our goals to mini goals and set the priorities.

  • Understand Audience

Before creating content in numbers, we should analyze our audience. Whether our audience will value our content or not? What kind of content they will be interested in reading? What kind of things can be attractive to them? What channels they use and what kind of content can be created for such channels?

  • Content Type

After finalizing the audience then we move to what kind of content they will most likely to find useful. Here we created different type of content different type of audience.

  • Content Ideas

Now, this is the main thing. Finding great content ideas is important. If you are writing old boring stuff then your business won’t go anywhere. Hence, our marketers try to find interesting ideas and we have great tools to help them out.

  • Guest Post

Blogging is a useful tools for creating brand for itself. It can be used for promoting brands or building relations with other fellow writers. We do guest posts for promoting our client’s websites/business and even use them for link building. Yeah we know, using guest post for purely link building is not the right thing. We try to use it in a way that it feels natural and useful for readers. We don’t create brands promotional drafts and publish them everywhere.


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Is Content Marketing Important?

Content Marketing is mighty important for the success of any online website. Rightly planned strategy will definitely help you in achieving your goals and will generate more business for you. It is also can be used for building high quality backlinks for your website as people still do link to genuine content in their posts.

So, feel free to reach out to us for any queries regarding your website or our content marketing strategy.

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