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Social Media – A World of Opportunities!

Internet marketing is so popular now a days and every business is attracted to it. Now everyone tries to take their business online. And Social Media is a powerful tool for business owners to attract sales for their business. As per latest survey, 71 percent of internet users were social network users and it is targeted by most businesses.

Professional social media executives at RankerMarket are working hard to help their clients in boosting their brand awareness. Social media is a handy way to build a brand for your business. SMO services helps in spreading the words related to your products or services with ease and it has the potential to make your brand viral within a short frame of time.


Like, Tweet, Engage, Sale – Everything Is Covered!

Our SMO experts has the experience to process your campaign and complete it without any difficulties. There are many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit etc. which are available for our disposal. From engaging users to boosting sales, our experts can easily manage your social media presence and help you in availing maximum benefits from it.

We will manage your social media channels and boost their numbers as well as the sales and user engagement. We use latest tools to keep a track on our campaigns, analyzed competitors.

Our Process

There are various social media websites that you can target for your business. Each website has their specialty and different kind of users in nature. Our experts analyze our client’s needs and then we suggest what’s best for their campaign. Process:

  • Initial consultation

We start with understanding our client’s business, goals, and the current social media status of business. And we review their competitors social media status.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

Once we are done with the analysis part, we move to planning marketing strategy. It includes finding unique ideas and creating useful and sharable content. If you can plan the content strategy right then you will achieve your goals within a short frame of time.

  • Review the results and create reports

After starting the campaign, we review our results on regular basis and makes the changes as per the outcome of our campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

With social media advertising, we plan the paid campaigns for our clients and target our audience. Paid marketing is effective as it helps in bringing quick returns and boost your brand awareness. It helps in increasing the number of likes, tweets and shares on your social media channels and even promotes your products as well.

Managing social media channels is quite a tough task but our SMO experts are capable of handling them and creating a brand for you.

Years Of Services

Like, Share, Tweet

Boost your online presence and boost your channels reputation.


Ideal for eCommerce

eCommerce can use social media for boosting their sales for products & services.


Brand Awareness

Build a brand for your business through social media tools.

Better Conversion

Improve your ROI and conversion with the social media optimization.

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