7 Tips to Ensure You Get the Logo Your Business Needs

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Just like your brand name, the brand logo also holds the sense of uniqueness and value to your business. It doesn’t matter what type or form you are running your business in, but not having a logo can hamper your growth. It just makes things better for you and your business.

That’s why today, we will go through seven tips to ensure you get the logo your business needs. These tips will help you get started and finish with a logo that you should be proud of.

Logos are essential. They attract the audience, builds your brand and can give your audience one more reason to remember you. Just having one isn’t enough. It needs to be good. That’s why it is a good idea to make a logo that looks professional and conveys your brand’s message.

Have a look at these following tips:

1. Convey a meaningful message through logo

Even though the logo seems to be a simple design with no inherent meaning, it is not true. They are meaningful and represent the business idea, philosophy, and future goals. That’s why you should sit down and think about what you want your logo to convey?

The first question that you should ask yourself, what will the first people think of after seeing your logo? For example, if you are running a local bookstore, you must want people to think of a “bookstore” after they look at your logo. The logo also offers you the opportunity to make the first impression, and have a meaningful logo that is professional and attractive can go a long way.

In short, the logo should convey the core of your business and what you want to achieve by running a website online

2. Make it unique and memorable


Believe us you don’t want to make a logo that is comparable to other brands. So, the first tip to build a kick-ass logo is to make it unique. The idea is to create something unique that doesn’t wholly resemble other brands. However, it is not possible to make a unique design, and you should not waste time in making one.

One more thing that you need to keep in mind while making the logo is to look out for trademarks infringement. Be extra careful on this as if you miss it can lead to issues even before your business starts.

Once created, make sure you trademark your logo!

3. Using Color Psychology to your advantage

Color psychology is a crucial aspect of the logo design. Colors always attract visitors if done right. Studies also confirm its role as it impacts the human mind the most. This gives you a great way to take advantage of the colors that you are going to use in your logo.

Before you start, you need to understand that each color gives a different reaction. For example, red means either danger or aggression. According to many studies, bright orange can be an excellent color for a brand as it encourages visitors to click and take action. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only use orange. Try out the different color and see what works the best.

4. Simple yet effective

Select website builder lets you create logos. However, they can be a little complex and also less effective compared to the ones that are handcrafted and built with care.

The motto behind building an effective logo is to keep it as simple. Complex design never wins. It is the simplicity that attracts people and let them remember your logo.

Your logo should be simple enough so that people can explain it to other or even draw it if needed. If you do it right, this can give your extra business promotion to your brand. In this world, where there is a lot of noise and information overload, simplicity always works.

5. Name oriented approach

A logo does not necessarily need to design art with text. It can also contain the name of your brand. Few famous examples include Coco-Cola, Ray-Ban and even IBM that have their name embedded in their logos. The logotype is popular, and it works. First, it just tells the users about the name of the brand, but also uses the style to make the necessary impression.

Text-focused logos are more prone to be non-effective, and that’s why they need to be done just right. You can use different types of fonts and try out which one looks the best.

6. Don’t hurry and do public testing

Logos can seem insignificant at the start. That’s why you will see many brands trying out online logo generators or getting a logo off 5$ from online services such as Fiverr. This is not a good approach in long-term as a good logo takes time, effort and resource to be created. That’s why we recommend you do not hurry and take the proper time to turn your idea into reality.

Also, you should do public testing before finalizing on the logo. Even though it seems all right from your viewpoint, you should get feedback from the public. It will make sure that you know the flaws before finalizing the design or the logo itself.

7. Get a designer

We will recommend getting a designer. Logo design can look easy at the surface, but it takes real craftsmanship to make a beautiful and professional logo. We recommend getting in touch with a web development company or better hire a logo designer from online portals such as UpWork. You can also try 99Designs, Freelance, and other platforms.

Also, keep a healthy budget for your logo design as you will only get what you pay for. Don’t expect miracles if your investment is low.


Logos makes or breaks brands. Even though you provide an excellent service or product, a good logo will always help and improve your sales and conversion rate. A lousy logo, on the other hand, can do some real damage to your brand.

So, what do you think about the seven tips that we shared for logo design? Comment below and let us know.

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